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Workers Compensation. Have You Been Injured At Work, On The Job Or At Your Place of Employment?

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If You Or A Loved One Were Injured Or Died At Work, On The Job Or At Your Place Of Employment, You May Be Able To Recover Money From A Workers Compensation Or Workers Comp Claim. Connect With A Workers Compensation Lawyer or Attorney For A Free Workers Comp Case Review.

A team of workers compensation and workers comp personal injury lawyers and attorney is investigating workers compensation claims of individuals and families who have suffered serious personal injuries or death arising out of and in the course of their employment.

Each year several millions of people in the United States are injured at work, on the job or at their place of employment, often resulting in missed work and medical care, treatment and/or therapy.  The workplace injury incidence rate in the U.S. is about 3.5 cases per 100 equivalent full-time workers.

If you or a loved one were injured at work, on the job or at your place of employment, you may be able to recover money from a workers compensation claim.  Contact a workers compensation lawyer or attorney for a free workers compensation claim review.

What Is Workers’ Compensation or Workers Comp?

Workers’ compensation or workers comp is a form of no-fault insurance typically mandated by State and/or Federal law that provides money and medical benefits to an employee who has an injury as a result of an accident, injury or occupational disease on-the-job.

An employee is generally entitled to receive certain workers compensation benefits when he or she suffers an occupational disease or accidental personal injury arising out of and in the course of employment.  Unlike most personal injury lawsuit cases, negligence and fault of either the employer or the employee usually are immaterial to the determination of whether an injured employee can collect workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers compensation benefits typically may cover medical treatment, temporary or permanent and/or partial or total disability payment, permanent impairment and death benefits to an employee’s surviving dependents.

Types Of Work, Job & Employment Related Accidents. How Were You Injured At Work, On The Job or At Your Place Of Employment?

Workers’ compensation or workmans’ comp claims being investigated include claims of those who were injured at work, on the job or at their place of employment due to, among other things:

  • contact with an object (employee or worker injured using tools, etc.)
  • being caught in equipment or object (employee or worker caught in running equipment or machinery)
  • being struck by an object (employee or worker injured by falling object or flying debris)
  • falls & falling (employee or worker injured after falling from ladder, roof or scaffold)
  • fires and explosions (burns and burn injuries)
  • slips, trips and falls on employer owned property (wet floors)
  • car, automobile or motor vehicle accident involving car used for employment purposes or using a company car, van or truck (driving between work sites, in route for work related functions, etc)
  • repetitive stress injuries from repeated movement or repetitive physical trauma (i.e., carpal tunnel syndrome, prolonged standing)
  • employee assaulted at work (struck, shot or attacked by co-workers or customers)
  • occupational diseases due to harmful exposure to toxins (exposure to toxic chemicals and toxins resulting in respiratory conditions, asthma, lung disease, cancer, allergies, hearing loss, skin diseases, etc.)
  • heart attack and stroke aggravated by the job
  • overexertion and lifting related injuries (employee or worker injured lifting or moving heavy equipment, objects or furniture)
  • other job or work related accidents

Types Of Work, Job & Employment Related Injuries.  What Kind Of Job or Work Related Injury Did You Suffer?

Workers compensation cases being investigated include claims of employees who suffered job, work or employment related injuries, including, among others:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Bruises
  • Soreness and pain
  • Cuts, lacerations and punctures
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Musculoskeletal disorder
  • Burns (heat burns and chemical burns)
  • Back pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Amputations
  • Tendonitis
  • Total multiple trauma
  • Death
  • Other job, work and employment injuries

Body Parts Injured In Work, Job & Employment Related Accidents.  What Part Of Your Body Did You Injure At Work?

Workers compensation claims being investigated include cases of employees who suffered bodily injury in work related accidents, including the following:

  • back injury
  • upper body injury
  • shoulder injury
  • trunk injury
  • lower body injury
  • leg injury
  • hand or finger injury
  • head injury
  • neck injury
  • eye injury
  • knee injury
  • ankle injury
  • wrist injury
  • arm injury
  • foot or toe injury
  • multiple body parts injured
  • body systems

Types Of Jobs, Professions and Employment That May Be More Susceptible To Occupational Injuries.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following industries experience the most work and job related injuries and illnesses:

  • Health care and social assistance
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail trade
  • Accommodation and food services
  • Construction
  • Transportation and warehousing
  • Wholesale trade
  • Administrative and waste services
  • Professional and technical services
  • Arts, entertainment and recreation
  • Real estate and rental and leasing
  • Information
  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting
  • Finance and insurance
  • Educational services
  • Management of companies and enterprises
  • Utilities
  • Mining

Although some occupations, like construction jobs and manufacturing jobs, have higher rates of work-related injuries, anyone can be hurt on the job or at work.

If You Or A Loved One Were Injured Or Died On The Job, At Work or At Your Place Of Employment, Contact A Workers Compensation Attorney or Lawyer. You May Be Able To Recover Money From A Workers Compensation Claim.

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