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If You Or A Loved One Has Been Injured Or Died In Bicycle Or Bike Accident, You May Be Entitled To Compensation In A Bicycle Or Bike Riding Accident Personal Injury Lawsuit. Connect With A Bicycle or Bike Accident Personal Injury Lawyer & Attorney For A Free Bicycle Case Review.

A team of bike and bicycle riding accident injury attorneys and lawyers is investigating personal injury lawsuit claims of individuals and families who have suffered serious personal injuries or wrongful death from a bike accident or bicycle accident, crash or collision.

In a typical year, thousands of bicyclists and other cyclists including riders of two-wheel nonmotorized vehicles, tricycles, and unicycles powered solely by pedals or pedalcyclists (“bike riders” or “bicycle riders”) are injured in traffic related accidents, collisions and crashes. Many of these bicycle accidents, collisions and crashes result in personal injuries being suffered by bikeriders.  Hundreds of bicycle and bike accidents, collisions and crashes are fatal, resulting in death to the bike or bicycle rider.

More than 53,000 pedalcyclists, bike riders and bicycle riders have died or were killed in traffic crashes in the United States since 1932, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”).  In 2008, 716 pedalcyclists or bicyclists were reportedly killed or died in a bycycle or bike related traffic accident.

Each year approximately 500,000 people in the US are treated in hospital emergency rooms for bicycle-related injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

Causes of Bike & Bicycle Riding Accidents.  What Caused Your Bike & Bicycle Riding Accident?

Bike & bicycle accidents and bike & bicycle accident injuries are commonly caused by the following:

  • Negligence or inattention of the driver of a car, automobile, truck or other motor vehicle may have caused a bike or bicycle crash, collision or accident
  • Car, automobile, truck or other motor vehicle may have turned directly in front of bicyclist or bike rider
  • Car, automobile, truck or other motor vehicle entered the street from a driveway or parking spot and pulled out into traffic in front of the bicyclist or bike rider or bicyclist rode from driveway or sidewalk ino path of car or truck
  • Car door was opened as bike or bicyclist rode by
  • Driver of a car, automobile, truck or other motor vehicle failed to yield at an intersection and hit a bicyclist or bike rider
  • Driver of a car, automobile, truck or other motor vehicle ran a stop sign or red light or failed to look both ways when resuming travel after stopping at a stop sign and hit a bicyclist or bike rider;
  • Motorists underestimated bicyclist or bike rider’s speed, passes them up and makes a turn in front of the bikeor bicycle rider
  • Bycycle rider was on the wrong side of the road or was weaving
  • Alchohol, DUIs, DWIs & Intoxication:  According to NHTSA, alcohol was involved (either by the vehicle driver or the pedalcyclist) in more than one-third (37%) of the traffic crashes that resulted in bike rider or pedalcyclist deaths in 2008.
  • Unsafe conditions on the roadway for bike or bicycle riding (loose gravel or debris in the road, unevenness in the roadbed, pits and potholes, rain-slicked surfaces).
  • Bicycle manufacturer defect or defective bicycle frames or components

If You Were Injured Or Loved One Has Been Injured Or Died In Bicycle or Bike Accident And Think You Have A Personal Injury Lawsuit Case, Contact A Bicycle or Bike Accident Injury Attorney & Lawyer.

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