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Axiron Lawsuit: Have You Taken Axiron Underarm Testosterone Topical Solution and Suffered A Heart Attack or Stroke?

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Axiron Testosterone Topical Solution:  Suffer Heart Attack, Stroke, or Death After Taking Axiron Underarm Topical Solution For Low Testosterone?

If You or A Loved One Used Axiron To Treat Low Levels of Testosterone (i.e., Axiron Underarm Low Testosterone Treatment) and Suffered A Heart Attack or Stroke, You May Be Able To Recover Money From an Axiron Lawsuit Case or Settlement Claim.

A team of Axiron testosterone gel lawyers and attorneys is investigating potential Axiron lawsuit and settlement claims of adult males who were prescribed Axiron to treat no or low testosterone and who suffered a heart attack, stroke or other possible cardiovascular side effect after being treated with Axiron.

According to certain research studies, low testosterone prescription medications (testosterone replacement therapies or Low T Treatments), such as Axiron topical solution, may increase the risk of heart attack,  stroke or even death in men being treated for Low T.

Axiron testosterone topical solution is a low testosterone (low T) treatment or androgen replacement therapy used to treat men with conditions associated with absence or deficient levels of the male hormone testosterone.  Axiron testosterone low-volume liquid testosterone solution is applied to the underarm by pumping the Axiron solution into an applicator cup that gets swiped down and up the underarm or armpits.  Over time, testosterone from the Axiron solution is absorbed into the body and bloodstream through the skin which acts a reservoir.

Axiron is manufactured by drug manufacturer Eli Lilly and Company.  U.S. sales of Axiron have reportedly been in excess of several hundred million dollars.

If you or your husband or father or other loved were prescribed Axiron for low testosterone and suffered from a heart attack, stroke or other possible side effects of Axiron testosterone gel, contact an Axiron attorney to see if you may be eligible to recover compensation from an Axiron lawsuit or settlement.

If You Or A Loved One Suffered From Axiron Side Effects, Contact an Axiron Lawyer To See If You May Be Able To Participate In An Axiron Lawsuit or Settlement.

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