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AndroDerm Lawsuit: Have You Taken AndroDerm Testosterone Skin Patch (Testosterone Transdermal System) and Suffered A Heart Attack or Stroke?

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AndroDerm Skin Patch (Testosterone Transdermal System):  Suffer Heart Attack, Stroke, or Death After Using AndroDerm Patch To Treat Low Testosterone?

If You or A Loved One Used An AndroDerm Testosterone Patch To Treat Low Testosterone Levels (i.e., AndroDerm Testosterone Replacement Therapy) and Suffered A Heart Attack or Stroke, You May Be Able To Recover Money From an AndroDerm Lawsuit Case or Settlement Claim.

A team of AndroDerm testosterone skin patch lawyers and attorneys is investigating potential AndroDerm lawsuit and settlement claims of men who used an AndroDerm skin patch (AndroDerm Testosterone Transdermal System) for the treatment of Low T (i.e., low or no testosterone) and who experienced heart related side effects such as a heart attack or stroke in connection with their use of an AndroDerm patch.

According to certain research studies, low testosterone prescription medications (testosterone replacement therapies or Low T Treatments), such as Andro Derm topical solution, may increase the risk of heart attack,  stroke or even death in men being treated for Low T.

AndroDerm is a skin patch or transdermal system designed to restore male testosterone levels to normal levels in men with low testosterone (Low T). AndroDerm testosterone patches are designed to stick on the skin for 24 hours. AndroDerm patches come in 2mg skin patches and 4mg skin patches.  An AndroDerm patch can be applied to the upper arms, abdomen, back or thighs.

AndroDerm is manufactured by drug manufacturer Actavis Pharma, Inc.

If you or your husband or father or other loved were prescribed AndroDerm for low testosterone and suffered from a heart attack, stroke or other possible AndroDerm side effects, contact an AndroDerm attorney to see if you may be eligible to recover compensation from an AndroDerm lawsuit or settlement.

If You Or A Loved One Suffered From A Heart Attack, Stroke or Other Potential AndroDerm Side Effects, Contact an AndroDerm Lawyer To See If You May Be Able To Participate In An AndroDerm Lawsuit or Settlement.

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