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Gynecomastia Symptoms: Enlarged Male Breasts? Lactating Nipples?

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Gynecomastia Signs & Symptoms: Enlargement of Male Breast Tissue (Man Breasts, Man Boobs or Moobs) & Male Lactation, Discharge or Breast Milk Production

If You Or Your Son Have Had Symptoms Associated With Gynecomastia, Including Male Breast Growth, After Ingesting Risperdal, Contact A Risperdal Gynecomastia Lawyer or Attorney To See If You May Be Entitled To Compensation From A Gynecomastia Lawsuit Or Settlement.

The main symptom of Gynecomastia is the enlargement of male breasts due to the growth of glandular breast tissue (as opposed to fatty tissue).  The breast enlargement typically occurs on both breasts, but can occur on only one side.  Even when the male breast growth occurs on both sides, the enlargement may be greater on one side resulting in uneven breasts that may appear lopsided.  In severe Gynecomastia cases, young males or boys may develop D-cup sized breasts. Boys and men with large breasts are sometimes referred to as having man breasts, man boobs or boobs.

Boys and young males suffering from Gynecomastia may also experience tenderness, sensitivity, swelling or pain in the breasts.  The area extending outward from the areola of the nipple may feel rubbery or firm, like a lump under the nipple.  There also may be an increase in the diameter of the areola of the breasts.

Gynecomastia may be a side effect of taking the prescription medication Risperdal.  Research indicates that use of Risperdal may result in an increase in the level of prolactin (the hormone that regulates breast growth and milk production), resulting in a condition known as hyperprolactinemi.  In some Gynecomastia cases, the boy or young adolescent male may actually lactate through the nipples, i.e., produce breast milk (galactorrhea).

Gynecomastia symptoms may include:

  • enlarged male breasts
  • growth or development of male breast tissue
  • swollen, tender, sensitive breasts
  • breast pain
  • breasts feel rubbery or firm
  • puffy or enlarged nipples
  • increase in diameter of areola
  • uneven or lopsided breasts
  • nipple lactating / lactation
  • nipple discharge / discharging
  • excess breast skin
  • increased prolactin levels

The severity of Gynecomastia symptoms and complaints have been categorized or divided into four grades, based on the severeness of the Gynecomastia symptoms:  (1) Grade 1 : Small enlargement of breasts, no skin excess; (2) Grade 2a: Moderate enlargement of breasts, no skin excess; (3) Grade 2b: Moderate enlargement of breasts with extra skin; and (4) Grade 3 : Marked enlargement of breasts with extra skin.

For those suffering from symptoms of Gynecomastia, it can be an extremely embarrassing and humiliating experience and a physical and emotional hindrance, subjecting boys and young men to psychological stress from ridicule and being teased.

If you or your son suffers or suffered from Gynecomastia Symptoms after taking Risperdal, you may be able to recover compensation from a Gynecomastia lawsuit case or settlement claim.  Contact a Gynecomastia lawyer for a free attorney review.

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